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Scott C. Wilson Rock Star Editor Reel  “Montage”

American Cinematheque Tribute to Matthew McConaughey
VH1 Big Music in 2015: You Oughta Know
TED Fellows Program
Young Hollywood Awards 2014

Scott C. Wilson Music Video Editor Reel

John Mayer “Your Body is a Wonderland”
Dixie Chicks “Landslide”
Jennifer Lopez “Alive”
Marc Anthony “I’ve Got You”
Sting “Fragile”
Five for Fighting “Superman”
Lenny Kravitz Live “Are You Gonna Go My Way”
Foo Fighters “Generator”
A Perfect Circle Live “Thomas”
Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits Commercial
The Rolling Stones “Stripped”
Sting …all this time (Emmy Award 2002)